More than 50% of Applicants FAIL their driving theory test

Over 500,000 car theory tests have been conducted between July and September of 2016 but only 250,000 actually passed their test. Car tests accounted for 89% of all theory tests over this period which makes us wonder, why is the pass rate so low?

It’s fair to assume that this drop in pass rates is due to changes over the past decade. The number of questions was increased from 35 to 50, new types of questions were introduced and interpreters were disallowed. All of these adjustments have contributed to the decrease of pass rates from over 70% in 2008 to under 50% in 2016.

Some speculate that the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency purposely wants more people to fail since applicants are required to pay £23 each time they attempt a theory test. Looking at the statistics we see an increase of theory tests conducted from under 400,000 a month to over 500,000 a month. Does that automatically make DVSA the bad guy?

The answer is no. These changes were introduced not to decrease the pass rates but instead get people to study a lot more for the exam. DVSA wants candidates to demonstrate sufficient understanding of the theory material, rather than simply memorising it. Therefore, if you have prepared for the test there is nothing to fear, but what exactly do you need to know?

The multiple-choice questions are based on 3 books: “The Highway Code”, “Know your traffic signs” and “Driving – the essential skills”. There are available in most book shops or you can buy them online. The second part is the Hazard Perception test. The hazard perception test is made up of 14 video clips, each showing an everyday road scene. 13 out of 14 clips contain one developing hazard whilst one of the clips contains two. There are numerous websites where you can practice hazard perception tests.

If you are not a fan of reading you can also use online resources to prepare for your theory test. They usually provide both, car theory and hazard perception tests. Remember that to book your driving theory test you should use the official government website only. If you require any further assistance you can also contact DVLA at

New year 2017, New Life in the UK Test

Welcome to 2017. I must admit that 2016 took the whole world by storm. The whole brexit thing  took us in the UK by storm. As a result there is an increased influx of applicants for the British citizenship.

As we all know, everybody must pass the life in the UK test before applying for naturalization and later their first British passport. The test has been unchanged since 2013, and proves to be a valid method for testing applicants for their knowledge of United Kingdom.

The latest statistics show that the average pass-rate remains at 70.9% for January 2017 and is even higher for those applicants coming from English speaking countries. For example, migrants from the USA, Canada and Australia have a 95% of passing the test first-time, while people from Pakistan and India showed the lowest first-time pass rates.

We can’t stress it enough – prepare for this test. There are numerous practice websites available to become familiar with the test format by completing multiple choice mock tests. All tests are highly realistic and were designed to mimic the official. Make sure to book the test using the official sources.

The immigration rules are very likely to change in 2017, which is why we suggest to avoid the possible uncertainty.

As always, feel free to comment to share your opinion or if you have any questions.

Life in the UK Test Mobile App for Android

New Life in the UK Test Android App is now available for free to download. You can read more about the app (and get a huge discount) on the app promotion page.

About the App

This app is created to allow effortless preparation for the life in the UK test. So far, this app is only available for Android Users, but there will be an iphone version in the making.

The app contains 20+ Realistic Life in the UK tests. If you unlock the full version, you only need to complete 10 tests to be fully ready for the life in the UK test. No more extra preparing and time wasting.

App Features:

  • Excellent quality tests (The app test difficulty is matched exactly to the real test, this means you should know what to expect when it comes to your final exam)
  • Instant Feedback (The correct and incorrect answers are highlighted in green and red, straight after you select your option)
  • Answer explanations (Understand why you should have picked the correct option)
  • Progress tracker (No explanation required – it stores your results in a graph, so that you can see your progress over time)


Life in the UK test Update: New Preparation Methods

There is a new preparation resource, aiming to help people pass the life in the UK test. The newest features are:

The 3rd Edition Hanbdook:

You are no longer required to buy the handbook, saving you £12.99. You can have direct free access to the official version of the handbook – Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new Residents, 3rd Edition.

There are 5 chapters that you should study prior to your test:

  1. Chapter 1: The values and principles of the UK
  2. Chapter 2: What is the UK?
  3. Chapter 3: A long and illustrious history
  4. Chapter 4: A modern, thriving society
  5. Chapter 5: The UK government, the law and your role

All questions in your official test will be based on these chapters. There is also a summary of the key information, containing all of the important dates and facts from the handbook.

Over 1000 Practice Questions:

Once you’ve covered all 5 chapters, you should try a life in the UK practice test. This test contains randomly selected 24 questions from a 1000+ question pool. If you wish to start a new test with new questions, simply reload the page or press the “load new questions” button provided. You will need to answer 18 questions correctly to pass. The questions cover every part of the 3rd Edition Handbook on which the official Life in the UK test is based.

Friendly Environment:

The website also contains a comments section in which people share their experiences and help each other out. It works perfectly on tables and mobile devices, it’s a perfect tool for studying on the go. Overall, it is user friendly and easy to navigate. You will find all the information you need about the Life in the UK test in seconds.

The Complete Life in the UK Test Guide

 What is the life in the UK test?UK Passport

Life in the UK test is legal requirement for everybody who wishes to settle in the United Kingdom or apply for British citizenship. It contains 24 questions based on the 3rd Edition Handbook “Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents”. It covers topics such as British history and British values. You will need to answer 18 questions correctly to pass.

Who is the test is for?

The test was designed to better integrate applicants into British society. The individuals are exempt from taking the test:

  • Over 65
  • Under 18’s
  • People with a significant physical or mental health conditions

If you have such condition, it must prevent you from studying for the test.

Please note, if you already have the Life in the UK test pass certificate, you will not be required to pass the life in the UK test again.

How to prepare?

This is the major problem for applicants. Everybody wants to pass the test first time. We strongly suggest you do as many practice tests as you can. Generally speaking, the practice tests will be harder than your official test. This is because the final test will include many easy questions similar to “St Patron Dates and Fundamental Principles of British Life”.

There are a range of mobile applications available to prepare using your Android/Apple devices.

You can also have a go at our practice test.

How to book your test?

Make sure that you book your test using the official government website. The test will cost £50 and you will be able to pick your appointment slot (options to select suitable date and time) at your local test centre. When you fill in your application make sure that your First Name and Last Name are the correct way around. You will also need to bring an ID to prove your identity.

You can use one of the following as ID’s (Make sure you bring them to the test centre with you):

  • passport – can be out of date
  • UK photocard driving licence – full or provisional
  • convention travel document (CTD), certificate of identity document (CID) or stateless person document (SPD)
  • EU identity card
  • immigration status document endorsed with a UK residence permit on a passport with a photo – can be out of date
  • biometric residence permit


This is the most common mistake, and you will not be allowed to to sit the test with incorrect details. You will not be entitled to get a refund either. You will not be given your score but if you pass, you will receive a “pass confirmation letter”. Make sure that you keep it in a safe place, they can’t be replaced. It’s a good idea to have it photocopied, just in case you lose it. There are unlimited attempts at the test, that is you can book another one if you fail and keep doing so until you pass.

You only need to pass the life in the UK test once. Even if you passed your test in 2005, the pass certificates are valid for their lifetime and you will not be required to do another test.





How to prepare for Life in the UK test in 2015?

We all know that choosing a website to practice for the Life in the UK test isn’t easy. New year also means new questions and new websites. First of all there are a lot of outdated websites that will never make you pass. Their design look awful and they shouldn’t be used to practise at all, especially in 2015.

On the other hand, some websites are designed to do exactly what we expect from them – they will make you pass first time. One of these examples is which was recently launched. We advise you that you only use their services to prepare for you test because they are the most up to date resource. The test quality is also exceptional compared to other services.

What they offer:

  • Free life in the UK tests
  • Unlimited practice
  • Support (I haven’t checked this personally but I believe it’s there)
  • Very user friendly
  • Mobile friendly (I used my mobile to access the website)
  • Based on the book ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents’, which is the official handbook for current tests making it valid for 2015 tests.
  • You actually get an explanation if you answer the questions incorrectly.
  • It seems really smooth, you should try it for yourself.

It finally seems as there is an ultimate service for UK citizenship applicants. May I remind you that you have to pass both the life in the UK test and English language test in order to apply for British citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Other Ways of Passing the Life in the UK Test:

Of course this isn’t the only way of passing. You don’t even have to do practice tests to pass, simply read the handbook over and over again. After getting very confident you can go ahead and book the official exam. The official examination isn’t hard (from what people have told me). Most of the questions are really basic and ask about British things that we encounter on a daily basis.

What you also should do is download Iphone/Android apps. Try this andoid app . It’s supposed to do the job just fine. There is an official Iphone app also.

Hopefully this article will make up your mind and you will pass first time.

Quick FAQ about the Life in the UK Test

Have any questions relating to the Life in the UK Test? They might be covered in this FAQ:

What is the Life in the UK Test?

– Life in the UK Test is a measure introduced by the British Government (UKBA and the Home Office) to test immigrant’s knowledge of life in the UK. It also test the applicant’s ability to speak English as the exam will be in English.

How many questions does the Life in the UK Test have?

– Currently there are 24 questions in each test.

What book should I buy to prepare for the examination?

– You should buy a copy of the 3rd edition handbook “Journey to citizenship: A guide for new residents”

Where can I sit the test?

– You should check this with your official authorities, visit the official page for more info

Can I do the test more than once in case I fail?

– Yes, you absolutely can

How much does it cost to book the test?

– It will cost you £50

What official documents do I need to bring along with me?

– You will need some proof of ID, your passport will do just fine

What is the passmark?

– The passmark is currently 75%, that is 18 questions correct

What can I use to prepare for my Life in the UK test?

– There are a lot of websites offering high quality practice questions. Use them to do free life in the UK tests. One of these is offered by

Is Life in the UK test easy?

– Well, this is a controversial answer. If your English is good, expect to pass it first time pretty easily. Questions in the final test tend to be much easier than those in the practice tests. But if you don’t feel confident enough you should still practice more, unless you would like to shell out £50 each time. Average applicant enjoys the 85% pass rate.

What to do after I pass?

– You will recieve a pass certificate. Make sure that you save it in a safe place, you will need it to apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain

What if I fail?

– In that case you will need to wait a week before booking another test. Hopefully you will be in the other category



Life in the UK Practice Test

You need to pass a Life in the UK Test if you wish to settle in the UK or apply for British Citizenship. This test is based on the 3rd edition handbook “Journey to citizenship: A journey to citizenship” . It has 24 multiple choice questions based on all 5 chapter of the handbook. The pass mark for this test is 75%, that is 18 questions answered correctly. The Life in the UK Test costs £60 to book each time you wish to do it. You get unlimited attempts at the test as long as you pay.

Many people want to see if they are ready for the test before actually doing it. This is why we created our own version of the official test to see if you well prepared. Simply complete our Life in the UK Practice Test. Just like the official British citizenship test the pass mark and the quality of the test is the same. This is a free practice test, so you cannot use it in your official application or use it as a reference.