Quick FAQ about the Life in the UK Test

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Have any questions relating to the Life in the UK Test? They might be covered in this FAQ:

What is the Life in the UK Test?

– Life in the UK Test is a measure introduced by the British Government (UKBA and the Home Office) to test immigrant’s knowledge of life in the UK. It also test the applicant’s ability to speak English as the exam will be in English.

How many questions does the Life in the UK Test have?

– Currently there are 24 questions in each test.

What book should I buy to prepare for the examination?

– You should buy a copy of the 3rd edition handbook “Journey to citizenship: A guide for new residents”

Where can I sit the test?

– You should check this with your official authorities, visit the official page for more info

Can I do the test more than once in case I fail?

– Yes, you absolutely can

How much does it cost to book the test?

– It will cost you £50

What official documents do I need to bring along with me?

– You will need some proof of ID, your passport will do just fine

What is the passmark?

– The passmark is currently 75%, that is 18 questions correct

What can I use to prepare for my Life in the UK test?

– There are a lot of websites offering high quality practice questions. Use them to do free life in the UK tests.

Is Life in the UK test easy?

– Well, this is a controversial answer. If your English is good, expect to pass it first time pretty easily. Questions in the final test tend to be much easier than those in the practice tests. But if you don’t feel confident enough you should still practice more, unless you would like to shell out £50 each time. Average applicant enjoys the 85% pass rate.

What to do after I pass?

– You will recieve a pass certificate. Make sure that you save it in a safe place, you will need it to apply for British Citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain

What if I fail?

– In that case you will need to wait a week before booking another test. Hopefully you will be in the other category



Life in the UK Practice Test

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You need to pass a Life in the UK Test if you wish to settle in the UK or apply for British Citizenship. This test is based on the 3rd edition handbook “Journey to citizenship: A journey to citizenship” . It has 24 multiple choice questions based on all 5 chapter of the handbook. The pass mark for this test is 75%, that is 18 questions answered correctly. The Life in the UK Test costs £60 to book each time you wish to do it. You get unlimited attempts at the test as long as you pay.

Many people want to see if they are ready for the test before actually doing it. This is why we created our own version of the official test to see if you well prepared. Simply complete our Life in the UK Practice Test. Just like the official British citizenship test the pass mark and the quality of the test is the same. This is a free practice test, so you cannot use it in your official application or use it as a reference.